Mia Eisendorf

Talent Coordinator

Shortly before joining the Calliope West team, Mia Eisendorf graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Criminal Justice. While she enjoyed that area of study, she longed to apply the attention to detail, intense focus, and good sense of morality she got from that field to the entertainment industry.

Mia grew up moving between Maryland and Los Angeles with her family. Witnessing the making of movies and TV shows fascinated her, which led to her participating in stage crew for musical theater through middle and high schools, as she loved to support performers.

In college, Mia interned at Bx2 Entertainment, where she assisted and learned from managers working with actors, influencers, artists and more. This experience confirmed her love for talent management and working with clients to help further their careers. During her senior year, she held the position of Director of Music on the UD Programming Board, where she got to plan large concerts for the student body, booking such acts as Jon Bellion and Jeremy Zucker.

 Mia absolutely loved the feeling of being the one to organize and facilitate all of the elements of an entertainment event and make sure they ran smoothly – she is a big fan of organization, color-coded lists, and some good planning. All of this contributes to why talent management appeals to Mia so much; she is eager to create a partnership with each artist and work together to make magic happen.

Mia enjoys baking, true crime, Hamilton, watching YouTube/TikTok, her pitbull Cole, and every song by the artist MAX!