How We Work

What’s different about our company?

Our company seeks to set itself apart from others by offering personal service. From crafting your materials, coaching you or sending you to coaches, working with you to create self-tapes, hand-selecting headshot wardrobe and looks, working with you to choose the right headshot photographer, referring you to classes, prepping you for agent meetings and auditions, and then following up after the audition for feedback. We work with you to grow your career the way you want it to grow.

How do we view the role of the manager?

You, the actor, are president of your own company, and you are the product your company sells.


You bring on a team of service people to provide service for you, to help you sell your product.


This service team usually consists of agents and a manager. Usually the manager is the “captain” of your service team. We love working with agents, and consider them a crucial part of your success as a client.


Your manager works with you to accomplish the long-term goals of your career. You will tell us what you want to do in your career and we will make sure that the agents are helping us accomplish that.


Many agents, not all, focus more on the short-term for the client. They are concerned with getting the client a job today. Your manager will work with you to make sure that your agents are delivering opportunities that will further your long-term goals as well as your short-term goals.


You may have multiple types of agents, since agents focus on one specific area of expertise, ie a Voice Over Agent, a Commercial Agent, a Print Modeling Agent etc. Your manager will help you evaluate agent performance, and make sure that neither the bookings nor strategies of those disparate agents conflict with nor run counter to your goals, nor our goals as an entire representation team, working together to push you toward where you want to go. Often a manager acts as a liason, or an advocate, between you and your agents.


Managers usually have fewer clients than agents, and usually have a more personal relationship with their clients. An agent may have quite a few clients, and could have ten of your type, whereas most managers, particularly our company, will have no one else like you.